Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fireworks and Fairies!

This weekend was our local festival and they had fireworks last night.  So Hope got into her pajamas and we headed in the van to the area where they shoot them off.  We got a great parking spot and just stayed right by the van and watched them.  I got a chance to play around with my camera to get some fireworks photos.

They aren't too bad, but will keep playing with the night settings.

These are the ones that Hope said were made by fairies and were full of pixie dust like in the Tinkerbell movies.  Cute.  :)

I even caught a heart (the red in the middle) in the fireworks.

Well, I am just about packed for Chicago and heading out in a bit to the Harry Potter movie.  I can't wait to see it.  My sister Dawn and I are going to the IMAX theater to see it.  It is bittersweet for it to be done, but it has been a fun ride!

Here is another Christmas card.  This is one of my favorites I made, maybe because it was so simple and the first time I used the glass glitter.  Fun!

Have a great one.  I hope to post while in Chicago, but not sure I will have internet access for my ipad.  So check back just in case.  



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