Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fun weekend...starting early!

Today was my Friday since I have tomorrow off.  Yeah.  I have some phone calls to make and then I am going to do some scrapbooking.

I haven't had many funny Hope stories lately, but she had one tonight!  We were reading books when I was putting her to bed.  Then we turned the light off and she said she had a sharp pain in her side.  So I asked questions about it to figure out if it was serious or just trying to not fall asleep excuse.  Well, it kept moving around, so she was trying to keep from falling asleep.

Then she got really quiet and then blurts out that she can't remember what happened when she had to breathe in the gases and got cut open (aka her surgery a few years ago).  So I explained they made a small cut in her throat to remove the lump (it was a benign cyst).  She asked if there was blood.  I said yes.  Then she starts telling me about all the blood in our bodies, etc.  She asked, was there a lot of blood.  And probably not to most medical staff, but the little I saw grossed me out.  I didn't tell her that.  :)  Then she explained that she sees her blood when she picks her scabs and figured her surgery was like that.  Sure, just like that.

Then just like that, the blood conversation was done and she went to sleep.  I hope she doesn't have a scary dream about blood tonight.  I better get to bed so if I am up in the night I have a head start on my sleep.

Ok, on to a more fun topic.  Scrapbooking...

Here is another Christmas/Winter card...

To add some details I added glitter glue over the snowflakes in the pattern paper card base.  Super Easy!

Well, I have one more card to share tomorrow and then my Christmas in July will be finished.  I have several other layouts I have created lately and can't wait to share them.  So check back again!

Have a great night!


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