Wednesday, July 6, 2011

False Alarm!

Well, last night ended up with no storm in our area.   It was heading right towards us and I kept waiting for it to get here.  Finally I checked radar again and it was pretty much gone, just some small rain areas.  So no basement time for us last night.

Anyway, not much else going on here lately, so I will just share more Christmas in July cards.  These two cards a similar and are not from your typical Christmas colors.  There were just small hints of green and red to bring out the Christmas spirit.

Really these could be any kind of card.  Just replace the sentiment and exchange the bell for a button and there you have it.

Well, going to do some more reading.  I am currently ready the newest Stephanie Plum book by Janet Evonavich.  Love these books.  They are really easy to read and make me laugh out loud, with a little bit of romance and mystery thrown in too.

Good night!


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