Sunday, May 1, 2011

Put me in Coach...

I'm ready to!

Friday night was Annie and Ally's first softball game.  It was pretty cute seeing them play.  Here are some highlights of the game.

Ally covered the pitchers mound the first inning.

Then later she was in the outfield.  :)

When Annie was up to bat, she took one to the head!

She finished her time at bat, and was all smiles on her way back to the dugout.

Here is Annie warming the bench during the first inning.  She was nervous and was more than happy to not be on the field.  :)

The second time Ally made it to bat, she got on base, but was thrown out at second.  Annie didn't get the chance to bat again before the game was done.

Their coach told them at practice and games they should always get dirty, so they were all showing him their small areas of dirt on their white pants.  It was pretty cute.  Way to go girls!

That is it for tonight!


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