Monday, May 30, 2011

Funny Stuff!

As most of you know, Hope is full of funny sayings and does some funny stuff.

Well this morning was no different.  As I was coming out of my sleep, she leaned over and gave me a big kiss.  The she started asking me math questions.  "mom, what is 10-4?" and I would mumble some kind of answer.  "No mom, that isn't right!".  And the questions kept coming over and over until finally I resorted to tickling her to get her to stop.  :)

We hung out in bed for a little while longer and she was laying on my legs and said, "mom you are spiking me".  I laughed and said "What"?  Then as she was rubbing the stubble on my leg she said, "you know, the spikes on your legs".  Just made me laugh out loud!

We went on a bike ride today to a new trail with a 13 story high bridge over a river.  It used to be a railroad bridge and is now a bike trail.  It was really windy, but cool views.

We rode about 2.6 miles to get to the bridge and the bridge itself is over 1/2 mile long.  Like I said, it was REALLY windy.

I will leave you with a card.

It makes me think of my newest favorite commercial.  It is for Chevy cars and it is when the soldier drives up in a Chevy vehicle and the little boy runs to the curb and salutes his dad before giving him a welcome home hug.  It makes me teary every time.

And that leads me to Memorial Day.  Thank you to all our troops who serve/have served/or will be serving our nation and protect our freedom.

Have a great night!


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