Sunday, May 29, 2011


Ok, here is my finished version of the Gratitude project from The Scrappy Gourmet.

I actually had almost all of the project done over a year ago, but was missing a few pictures to finish it up.  We were moving some things around the other day, so I set this project on my desk to get the needed pictures in it.

Here is is mostly  identical to the one created by Greta Hammond, but I changed a few of the titles to work for my family.  I also added some rub ons to a few of the pages since the definition stickers didn't fit on some of my pages once I added the pictures.

Hope has been in trouble lately, so he got grounded.  The only activities she can do to entertain herself is reading books or making crafts or puzzles with a few of her supplies.

Today, she found a small leaf that had fallen off a decoration and decided to make a house for Tinkerbell so she will come live with us.  She made furniture for her and a sign so she would know the house was made for her.  Too cute.  Here it is...

The Tinkerbell was from a Pixos set she made a while ago.  The sign says "Welcome Home Fairies" in case she brings any friends with her too.

Well, time to head up and get Hope to bed.  We are going to do some biking tomorrow since the weather is finally going to turn nice.  That might have something to do with the fact that Joe just got the Christmas village put away.  Good grief!  :)

Have a good night!


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