Tuesday, May 10, 2011


All spring long, something has been nibbling on my newly planted tulips.  Well, today that creature was...


Luckily we were able to keep him away long enough to allow them all to bloom.  Now that they are almost done, I am ok for him/her to take a few nibbles.

I haven't shared any funny Hope stories lately.  Here are a few...

She found her Nemo stuffed animal fish.  After reading the tag, she asked "Mom, is Nemo from China?"  Hehehehehe!  I just giggled.  I love that she reads everything!

She also prefers to watch her movies in all the languages offered.  The Barbie Fashion Fairy Tale comes with French, Spanish and English.  Depending on her mood, you never know what language you are going to be watching it in.  She also likes to turn on the closed captioning, so she can read all the words.  Amazing.

We also went to Annie and Ally's softball game again tonight (no camera and was kicking myself).  They both got hits at both batting attempts.  The first time, they both made it all the way around the bases (one base at a time) and got to home base.  They were pretty excited.  

The entire team has improved a lot since the last game we went to.  Way to go girls!

Well, I am calling it a night!


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