Sunday, May 22, 2011

Organize and use those Scraps!

Today, I took a little time to use up a bag of scraps from a kit I purchased several years ago.

Here is the kit I purchased from The Scrappy Gourmet.

Recently, I got some of my scraps organized into packets that all coordinate so when I get a small bit of time I can put together some cards.

I also have my pictures in packets too, so when I get paper I want to use for that project I can put it all together.  It has helped me get more done recently.

Well, here are two cards I created using scraps from this project.

Both of these cards used very little of the scraps I had left, so I got to squeeze out as many cards as I could.

Well, it is my night to put Hope to bed, so I better get the ritual started.

We are reading the Rainbow Fairy books.  She got the one with Emma the Easter Fairy, in her basket.  We are reading it together, but she will be able to read it to herself soon.

Check back again this week, as I will have a few more cards to share.



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