Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting Published!

I have just recently started sending in submissions to be considered for publication and have already had two thing accepted.  I am pretty excited.  One will be in a publication that comes out in August and another will be in a publication that comes out in October.

I had previously always seemed to miss the deadlines for certain calls as I wasn't organized to find certain pictures and product that was current.  Now I am more organized than I have ever been and it has helped to get projects done for current publication calls.

So, if I am lucky, you might be seeing my work coming to a mailbox or magazine stand near you!  :)

I finished up my April Project 12 layout last night, but it was too gloomy here today to get any decent pictures.  I will hopefully be able to get it up on my blog this weekend if the weather cooperates.  I am also working on the May Project 12 layout too.  They are both layouts of pictures I have had for quite a while i just hadn't found the right sketch to use for them.

Well, it is time to go put Hope to bed.  I can share a few of my submission projects that weren't accepted now that the deadline has passed, so watch for those soon.



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