Saturday, April 30, 2011

I love SPRING!!!

Spring just has to be the best season EVER!

My tulips, daffodils and trees are blooming...

...,which gave me a chance to play with my new camera.  

Hope and I also planted some flowers around the trees and in the pots out back and one in the front.

I think this is the earliest I have planted flowers in YEARS!  I usually don't get the chance until well after Mother's Day and things are usually picked over pretty good by then.  Well, I am not done, but it always feels so cheery after I have planted colorful flowers in the backyard.

The weather was fantastic too.

Even Reilly enjoy some time in the shade.

Here are a few photos from last night...

Hope smelling the flowers.

She found this tatoo in the drawer and decided she wanted it on her forehead.  Good grief!  Oh, well.  It didn't last long anyway.  :)

She didn't have school yesterday, so she was at the after school program all day.  She must have had fun with her friend Katherine, because she was filthy.

Well, if you lasted this long I finally have a project to share.

I completed a wedding layout of Joe's brother, Rick and his wife Julie.  They got married on Christmas Day.

I wanted the flower to be similar to the flowers in Julie's bouquet she carried that day.  I had some flowers that had more rounded petals, but were the color I was looking for.  I cut them apart and slimmed down the petals to look more like a lily.  The quote was also on their invitations, so I decided to add that as well.

The papers I used were from My Minds Eye.  This was my favorite line and am using every tiny piece and scrap I have.  I am about to run out so will probably have enough to make some cards.  I will share those when I get a chance to make them.  :)

Well, I am going to take my tired bones to bed.

Good night!


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