Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby Memories!

I thought I would share a really easy baby gift I created for my daughter's (previous) pre-school teacher.

She isn't really a scrapbooker, but wanted a place to write all her baby memories in instead of buying a pre-made book.

I decorated the inside cover (below) so she could put a 4x6 picture and a lined tag so the baby details could be added after the baby is born.

The album has lots of line pages, a few photo pages and a few pocket pages to save special memorabilia.

Now I have several more of these books to make for a few more friends, but I get to use PINK!  I am used to working with pink, so I have a lot more embellishments to choose from (butterflies, flowers, bling, etc.).  :)

Well, I am going to crash as it is raining and I think the sound is very mesmerizing and relaxing hearing it on the roof as you drift off to sleep.



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Jessica Adams Velasco said...

I'm soooooo excited!!! Thanks so much! Sorry you couldn't use pink, but I think it turned out just perfect! :)

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