Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tough Questions!

Well, the past few days has been just Hope and I and tonight, she had some tough questions for me  Not sure where it was coming from, but she asked me why I didn't have a baby or why I didn't want to have a baby.

I explained that I always wanted to have a baby, but most importantly I wanted to be a mom.  I explained how my body just didn't work right and God wanted us to have her, but she had to be in J's tummy to get to us.  She is slowly understanding the adoption concept and every so often a question sneaks out of her.  I always wonder how long she had been thinking about it before she thought to ask.

Well, last night we decided to color Easter eggs.  Here are some pictures of our fun...

She started out by getting all sugared up eating some Fun Dip, so her teeth and tongue looked like an Easter egg too.  It was pretty funny and a little scary!

Every year, we start out with the original six colors and do all the eggs the standard colors in various shades depending on how patient she is for them to get darker.

Then the experiments begin.  A little yellow in the orange...a little red in with the get the picture.  Then she starts dying the eggs all over again to get different color combinations.

Some of them turned out pretty cool, like this teal colored one.

And of course, she always gets excited and forgets to use the wire thing to dig out the eggs, so her hands end up looking like this!

They were still like this when she got home from school today.  

Well, I told her tonight we would try and go visit the Easter bunny at the mall.  We got there and there was a short line, but the bunny was on a break.  So she wanted to ride the train.  When we got done, the line was 4 times as long as before the ride.  YIKES!  Then she declared she was hungry, so I gave her a couple of plans.  Eventually, I was able to talk her into leaving the mall to eat pancakes at Perkins and we would come back to the mall tomorrow afternoon before it got busy.  So we will try again tomorrow.  At least all the people in Perkins enjoyed seeing her all dressed up.

Well, the lighting has been so bad lately that I don't have any new projects to share, so I will share some things soon.  Come on, let's hope the sun comes out tomorrow and it gets warmer!  PLEASE!  Well, at least we didn't get snow in this area of the state.

Good night!


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