Thursday, November 4, 2010

The morning bus routine

I love the new bus routine Hope has started.  Now that the weather has gotten a little cooler I have been standing inside the door after Hope walks out to meet the bus at the end of our driveway.  Before the bus gets there, she turns around and blows me a kiss, hugs herself, waves, high fives her hands together and knuckle bumps herself.  It is too cute.   After each activity, she turns around like she is waiting for the bus and then turns toward me and does the next action.  Too CUTE!  I love it.  It always sends me off to work with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Then when she gets off the bus, she always yells from the end of the driveway "hi mom!".  Every day I am forced to try and come up with a new way to ask her how her day was because she gets mad and tells me every day is always good, why do I have to ask every day!   The kid is too funny!

And as I type, she is making "books" for all her friends and plans to sell them all over the WORLD.  She definitely has big ideas.  She even made one for her teacher too.

Well, I don't have much new to show you.  I did make a home sweet home card for my friend Kristi a while back.

Everyone have a good night!


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