Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Loose ends...

I have a few misc. layouts, cards, etc to show you from several different projects.

The first card is the last one I made from the Cosmo Cricket Snorkel paper scraps.  The inside says "Just dropping you a line...".  I figured this could be used to just send for a general note or possibly a birthday, etc.

This is one of the few layouts I finished when I went to the Wisconsin retreat back in October.  I just finished up the journaling on the page.  I know you are probably wondering, well where is the journaling.

Well, I hid it behind the photos.  I found these curly tree ornament hooks at Hobby Lobby and thought they would be neat to use in scrapbooking.  So they jumped right into my cart.  Hehe!

Here is the entire journaling.

Next is another layout I worked on in WI.  This was at the same event.  It was a princess party hosted as a fundraiser.  The girls got to meet all their favorite princess and get their autograph.  I made a pocket for Hope's autograph book, and put a paperclip on it so it can be pulled out for viewing.

And finally, one last card I made from the princess paper scraps.

On to other news....

I didn't get picked for a jury on my first day I was called, so I had to call in again today.  The only wanted 1-86 and I am number 71.  Bummer!  So I have to go back again tomorrow morning and hopefully not wait all day long to find out if I will serve on a jury.  I just hope I am done early enough to go to the Radio City Hall Christmas Spectacular show.  I have tickets for the 4:30 show to go with a friend and Hope.  The back up plan is for my mom to go in my place if I am not done in time.  Otherwise, if I can make it we are going to get an extra ticket for mom to go too.

I am so glad mom was able to come up this week to help out.  I have been very stressed out about several things going on.

We had Hope's first teacher conferences.  They went really good.  I am so proud of the improvements she has had in the short 2 months of school.  Very exciting.

I would like to ask for  prayers for my sister-in-law, who is having difficulties with her pregnancy.  She is due January 7th, but is in the hospital due to pre-eclampsia (not sure how that is spelled).  The took her by ambulance today from her small town hospital to Iowa City where they have a better NICU and doctors to treat her issues.  They are predicting they will need to deliver the baby by tomorrow after, if not sooner.  Please pray for a safe deliver and good health for their premature baby boy (we think).  :)

Ok, that is all for tonight.  I finally got pictures of a few more layouts and LOTS more cards I completed over the weekend.  I will be sharing those with you over the next few weeks.


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