Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh Scratch! YUM!

I am in SO MUCH TROUBLE!!!  A new cupcake bakery opened this weekend, so we stopped in the check it out and of course had to come home with one for each of us.  It is called Scratch Cupcakery.

Hope came home with a Princess cupcake.  Karen (Joe's mom) got a raspberry one, which I think was my favorite one out of all of them (she let me try a bite).  :)  Joe got Happy Day!

And I ordered the Blackout, which was a triple chocolate combo with chocolate buttercream frosting, chocolate cake and a chocolate filling.  It was good, but my head was spinning by the time I got done eating it.  YUM!

The weather is beautiful, so a lot of our snow is melting today.  YEAH!  But the nice weather is short lived as it will be back to single digits by Monday.  Boo!

So since we are hoping for an early spring, here are some spring inspired cards to share with you...

These were made from Pink Paislee papers from a few years ago.

Some of them I added some beautiful laces too and sometimes a touch of glitter to the pattern in the papers.

The button below is one I got from Joe's grandmother in a big container of buttons from her.  :)

For Christmas I received a small jar of antique buttons that were originally Joe's other grandmother's.  The small jar was an old prescription bottle from 1973.  That was the year I was born.  :)

I will have fun using the buttons that were inside the jar.  :)

Well, I am off to try and work off my sugar coma from the cupcake I had.  Oy!

Enjoy your weekend!


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