Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mom, did you hear about the incident?

This question took me by surprise when I picked Hope up this afternoon.  I figured there was an email from her teacher waiting for me in my inbox, but then she started to giggle and told me...

Well, this morning the door on another bus wouldn't close and so my bus stopped behind it on the side of the road and picked up all the kids on the bus.  So she got to sit with a boy from her class, Peter.

She giggled again and said, he LOVES ME!  Mom, he whispered in my ear that he loved me!  Yikes!  Here we go again!  I just had to laugh.  He is a new boy in her class, so probably just a "new kid" crush.  :)  Mom, we were also late for school!

Then once we got in the van she said they had been coming up with funny jokes and she had come up with the funniest one of ALL!  What is angrier than an angry bird?  An angry chicken!!!!  And then she laughed her head off and tried to explain to me why a chicken is angrier than a regular bird.  I don't get it, but still laughed my head off!!!!!  LOL!

Then while I was cooking super, Hope was singing SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPEALIDCIOUS (or something like that)!  Ironically, I loved this song when I was a kid and used to sing it over and over and over too.  You know, the song from Mary Poppins.  They have been singing it at school in music class.

Well, so far, that was my evening in a nutshell, how about you?  LOL

So here are some cards to share with you...

I hope I get to send one of these baby cards to a friend of mine really soon, who has been matched with a birth family and have been chosen to adopt their baby.  Prayers to all involved, for peace and comfort to the birth family and prayers to (hopefully) the new adoptive parents.

Well, I am off to keep watching the premier of American Idol!  Love me some Keith Urban accent!  :)


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