Saturday, February 5, 2011


I wish I had thought of this idea years ago, because I would have a ton of...BUTTONS!

My husband works in a corporate office and has to wear dress shirts everyday.  So he wears them out pretty fast.  Recently I got the idea to cut the buttons off the shirts before he throws them away, and plan to do the same to his dress pants as well (maybe even the zipper since the zipper ribbon is a new trend I have been seeing).  You can never have too many black, grey or cream buttons.  Right?

I spent all day shopping.  I am not normally a shopper, but today I was on a mission to get a lot of things done.  I got a new dress and shoes for a wedding later this month.  I also bought a new scrapbook album for family pictures/layouts.  I took back some things and I bought some new sweaters/shirts.  Oh, and most importantly, I got ink for the printer so I could finish a few of my layouts I have been working on.  

So hopefully I will finish those up and get pictures of them tomorrow to share this week.

Here is one last Valentine card to share with you.

Ok, time to go scrapbook!



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