Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a pretty good one!

I woke up and went to work out where one of my good friends I hadn't seen in a while was there.  It was a good way to start the day.

When I got home, Joe and Hope greeted me at the door with my gifts, which included book on the new Nikon 7000.  Yeah, we decided we are going to upgrade our camera.  We will probably get it in the next few weeks.

I worked all day, and we had a lot of fun there too.  I have some great friends that made some AWESOME chocolate goodies for me.  So we had brownies for breakfast and pie for dessert.  YUM!

For supper we went to Ohana's steak house, where they cook the food in front of you.  It was fantastic.  Then Hope went home with Grandma D, Dawn and the twins to stay all night.  Joe and I went to see "Just Go with it" with Jennifer Anniston (who's birthday was also yesterday) and Adam Sandler.  It was really funny.  Probably one of her better movies, I think.

This morning, I sent Joe and Hope up to Grandma Karen's to celebrate her birthday tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Karen!  I am scrapbooking this afternoon and then working tomorrow.

So in honor of your birthdays, here is a birthday bag and card I made for Hope to give to one of her classmates on Sunday at her birthday party.

Well, that is all for today.  Off to scrapbook!


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