Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pink Eye!

Yep, we have had our first case of pink eye!  And of course we had the twins and Grandma Deloris here this weekend, so they were exposed too.  I hope nobody else gets it, including me!  :)

As I mentioned, we had a family slumber party this weekend, so we were very busy with lots of activities.

We made cinnamon ornaments, and each of the girls plan to give them to their teachers for Christmas.

We also made "lotion potion".  It is handmade lotion.  

Here is the recipe:

4 - 4oz jars of vitamin E cream
1 - small jar of Vaseline
2 - bottles of baby lotion 
(I have tried the regular-pink, cucumber melon and this batch was vanilla oatmeal)

Mix all the ingredients together with a hand mixer and add to jars.  I use the left over Vitamin E Cream jars, and until you have enough saved up just use jelly jars or other small containers.

Each of the girls took some of these jars too for their teacher gifts.  I am planning on decorating a jar for Hope's teacher with paper scraps and a tag with the recipe.

I missed this activity, but Joe had brought home a small bag of "snow".  It was to make "snow".  It was kind of cool, and even days later is still cold like snow.  I guess it is some kind of chemical reaction.  

And finally, I had bought some ornaments to paint and each girl worked on those.

I was exhausted, but somehow found the energy to get all of our Christmas/Birthday presents organized and Joe helped me get them wrapped, after all the girls went to bed.

Then on Monday, Hope and I stayed home from work and school because of her pink eye.  Today, we were finally back to normal.  Well, off to figure out what we are having for supper, but before I go, here is one last card I have to share with you.

Good night!


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