Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cookies!

Hope and I made our first batch of Christmas cookies together.  We used a family recipe from Joe's grandam Kentzelman for the cookies, but I ended up making buttercream frosting to add on top.  They are really yummy!

This was also the first time we used our BIG bucket of cookie cutters.  We had fun sorting through them all to see what shapes we wanted to use.  We hardly had any duplicates.

On a similar note, one of my favorite "country" Christmas songs is "Christmas Cookies" by George Strait.  If you like country music, check it out.  It just makes me smile when I hear it.  I still love traditional Christmas songs too.

Ok, here is a card to share.

Speaking of cards, have you started yours yet?  Me, not so much.  I procrastinate every year, and some year I will have them done early.  So no hand made cards from us, but maybe a digital card.  We will see what we come up with this year.

Well, that is all for tonight!


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