Thursday, December 16, 2010

Elfie update!

Well, Elfie has been very busy each night reporting to Santa and then flying back before morning to find a new hiding spot.

Every morning when Hope gets up, she has to find where he hid.  She is always so excited when she finds him.

Here is where he has been this week...

On Saturday, you can see the snow sticking to the window behind.  This was the night the twins stayed all night, and Ally was so excited because she couldn't wait to see where he would show up in the morning.  I actually missed the next night, because he was found again in the Christmas village, but over on the shelves this time.  Maybe he chose the shelves, because it rhymes with elves.  Hmmmmm!

The next night he moved to the hallway, so he could peek at her coming down the stairs.

I think he noticed that our art/scrapbook/office was looking messing, so he decided to hide in there.  I guess he thought we might now find him since it was so messy.

Last night he was sitting on the ledge of a painting in our dinning room.

An finally tonight, he is on top of the microwave.  He is a busy elf!

Well, as for the pink eye, it has been a rough week getting the drops in Hope's eyes.  She is NOT cooperative at all.  So we usually make her do it in whatever room Elfie is hiding in.  :)  And, tonight Joe came home from work, with a very RED/PINK eye.  Bummer.  I am still holding out that I won't get it.

And I found a few cards that I haven't shared yet, so here is one for tonight.


Well, I am off to clean up my scrapbook desk.  I have been a cleaning maniac tonight, but it was really getting deep around here.  It was time to clean up some of the toy storage areas.  Later!


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