Saturday, August 11, 2012

The windows are open....

and I am loving the fresh air and being able to hear all the sounds of the neighborhood this morning.

Joe and Hope left early this morning to head to grandma Karen's, so I got up early and went down to the farmer's market.  I didn't get much.  I had a dutch letter for breakfast, bought a fresh tomato for a BLT I will be having for lunch, some green beans for supper tonight and a few fun things to add to our fairy garden.  The storm the other night washed out the blue rock that made up our lake, so I bought a few more tiny bags to create that again, a small squirrel and another fairy.  :)

Now I am home for the weekend to just enjoy a LONG weekend to myself (until Wednesday).  I still have to go to work on Monday, but I will just be able to get up and get myself ready and head out the door.  Yeah!

So keeping it short so I can get started on scrapbooking!!!!  Here are a few Thank you cards to show my appreciation to my WONDERFUL husband and daughter how much I appreciate these quite weekends to myself.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I will share more soon!  Laters!!!!!


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