Friday, August 17, 2012

The golden tooth...

The first night Hope and Joe were home was quite eventful.  We all settled into bed and around 1 am Hope came to join us.  :)  So that was my first wake up call.

Then about an hour later our weather radio started wailing that a severe storm was headed toward us.  So that was the next wake up call.  We were actually awake for about two hours because that jumpstarted Hope's chatterbox.  She just kept talking and talking and talking.  :)  Then after the storm  passed we all settled back in to get a few more hours of sleep, but...

...minutes later Hope sat up and yelled "I lost my tooth".  She declared it her golden tooth because she is seven years old and it was her seventh tooth she had lost.  Funny!

In other exciting news (at least to me) Joe bought us new luggage for our trip (in the planning stages) to celebrate my 40th birthday!  Yeah!!!!

We also have the first day of school coming up next week.  All the school supplies and new clothes and shoes have been purchased and we get to meet Hope's teacher next week and start school the next day. FUN STUFF!  She is getting excited.  I am excited to get back into our normal school year routine.

Well, here are several more cards from the birthday layout I shared in my last post.

When I am making cards from scraps, I love to use the pattern paper itself for the card base, if the paper is strong enough for a card.  There are several ways you can use "busy" patterns and not overwhelm you overall card.

This card I loved the banners, so I made it the focus of the card.  I stamped a sentiment directly on the card base and added the glitter paper, button and tulle and that was it.

The card below is also using a very busy card base.  I toned it down by covering most of it with a more solid pattern with just a bit of it peeking out around the edge.

Below you can see the glitter detail I added to the stamped detail.

I always struggle using pattern paper with swirls/patterns in the corners.  This one made a great card embellishment just on its own.

I have a few more to share from this batch of scraps then on to the next group.  Until next time...


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