Friday, January 27, 2012

Remembering Grandma...

This morning we lost Joe's grandma.  She had been suffering from congestive heart failure for the past few months.  We are all sad and will miss her spunky attitude.  This was a picture of her at her 93rd birthday party in September.  She was doing great!

She was an avid Chicago Bulls fan!  Joe was lucky to find this blanket and trash can to give her.  She loved it!

She was quite the character.  I have a lot of great memories...

1.  Like when you play cards you always sit with the bathtub.  I know what you are thinking...huh?  This is something she always swore by when we played cards.  Whoever was sitting in the same direction as the bathtub in the house was who would win.  When someone was on a hot streak, she would laugh and say, oh you must be sitting with the bathtub.

2.  We both loved reading...especially Janet Evonavich books.  She thought they were funny and the grandma in those books (in some ways) reminded me of her.  :)

3.  She loved to crochet blankets and loved to give them away.  We have a lot of wonderful afghans in our home that will keep us warm for many years to come that will remind me of her every time I use one.

4.  She always had a huge garden and each year she said she wasn't going to plant one next year and she just couldn't help it and would plant one anyway.  She always competed with her grandkids' gardens to see who had the first ripe tomato.

There are so many more great memories that I will hold in my heart.  She was a great lady and will be missed.  Thanks grandma for all the great memories.


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