Friday, January 20, 2012


Got a call from the school nurse today.  Hope wasn't feeling very good and she actually believed her because she has never tried to go home except when she really was sick.  I guess she fooled the school nurse pretty good because she was totally faking it!  She may have had a stomach ache, but I don't think it was because she was sick.

When we were walking out of the school she told me she hadn't had lunch yet.  So, when we got home I asked what she thought she wanted to eat and she asked for (clue #1) ravioli.  Good grief!  So I insisted on chicken noodle soup.

Then after the soup finally cooled down for her to eat, she decided she needed to do (clue #2) jumping jacks between each bite.  :)  Are you suspicious yet?  I know I am.

And now she is (clue #3) upstairs playing in her playroom.  I know I should probably be making her suffer and just lay on the couch, but it is Friday so we are just going with the flow.

The jury is still out, but I am pretty sure she just had gas and not the flu.  :)  Oh well.  I got to come home and snuggle up under a blanket and get nice a snuggly warm for the night.

Now that I have warmed up, I am going to do some scrapbooking.

Today is my niece Jody's 30th Birthday!  So in honor of that occasion, here are two birthday cards to share with you!

Well, here is to some happy scrapbooking!


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