Thursday, January 19, 2012


Ok, winter has finally arrived and it is cold.  So, we decided to go sledding!  I know, but my neighbor called to see if Hope wanted to go, so we drove down to the neighborhood sledding hill.  There was just enough snow to make it slick going to down the hill and fairly easy to get back up.

Here is some of the gang...

Here is Hope making her way up the hill...

As we arrived at the hill, one of the neighbor kids (Bruce-he is the one in the black/yellow hat below) sat down on a sled and I asked him if he was ready to go down, then I game him a small push and down he went.  When he got to the bottom he was crying because he was scared.  Oh man, I felt really bad. 

Then somehow Hope convinced him to get on the sled with her and off they went.  This time he LOVED it.  Way to go Hope! 

And here is Anna and Hope on one of the last runs!

Of course, the VERY last run I put the camera away and jumped on the sled with Hope.  We flew down the hill.  Boy, it was quite the workout getting back up the hill.

There is more snow in the forecast tonight, so maybe we will go back to the sledding hill this weekend.  Maybe it will be warmer.  

So here are two more cards I made recently...

I had a mixture of rub ons to use for these cards, so my idea with this one is when one of your friends needs a lift, bring her ice cream!  :) the inside says "always share their ice cream!!!"

This is a simple card that used the pattern paper as the card design with simple additions to finish it off.

Well, that is it for tonight!  Hopefully Hope comes home soon from the neighbors.  She ended up having supper with them after they had hot cocoa.

Good night!


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