Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey, it's THAT guy!

If you don't live around my neck of the woods, this will mean very little to you...

We went out to eat last night to celebrate Annie and Ally's birthday last night.  They wanted to go to O'hana's Steak House.  The commercials on tv show the owner doing his cooking "moves" at the hibachi grill and everyone and then he is shown all around town with everyone saying, hey it's THAT guy!

Well, we actually had Cy (you know THAT guy) for our chef last night.  He was awesome and the food was even better!  YUM!  And the leftovers tonight were even better.

The girls ordered Smurf drinks.  Hope really enjoyed her drink and ended up with Annie's too!  Good grief, that is a LOT of sugar to deal with.  :)

A good time was had by all!

Now that we have finished up with the birthday parties for a while (well we still are trying to get together for all the Winter birthday's), now I can finally get back to scrapbooking.  That is exactly what I did tonight and it felt great!  I pulled out an old bag of scraps and just started making cards.  The ideas just started flowing and then it is time to go to bed.  So I thought I would jump on the old blog quick before I hit the sack.   Anyway, I ended up making five cards and have a lot more coordinating scraps from this batch to use up.  Hopefully I will get back to them this weekend!  Keep your fingers crossed.

Here is another layout coming soon to The Scrappy Gourmet.

Oh I so wish I was at that beach RIGHT NOW!  It was a near perfect day.  I have always wanted to just go to the beach, get a chair and just lay there and read, relax, eat and drink.  And that is exactly what I got to do that day.  PERFECT!  Well, until it started raining.  Even after it started raining, I met a group of people having out under the tent and we had a few more drinks.  Fun times!

Well, I better head up to bed.  One more sleep til the weekend!  



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