Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Last night, Hope and I were on our way to dance class and she told me I was a lucky mom.  I told her thanks and agreed that I was a lucky mom, since I was her mom.  Then she starts mumbling about other things and says, but you aren't my birth mom.  Anyway, she kept mumbling and thinking out loud and finally asked, "Mom, which side of the family is Jessica (Hope's birth mom) from, your side or dad's?" I kind of chuckled and explained that she was kind of a third side of the family.  Then Hope decided that she was from her own side of the family.  I love how she thinks these things out loud with me.  I know she is understanding more about what it means to be adopted and I love that none of it has to be a mystery to her.

Well, the weather here has been cold and snowy today.  It is supposed to warm up again tomorrow and then snowy and cold again.  YUCK!  So to warm things up I made some cards from a summer paper line I have had in my scrap stash for quite some time (a couple of years).  :)

I have had this transparent title for a few years and finally decided this was the perfect card to use it on.

This is actually a birthday card (below)...the inside reads "we all scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Well, I am going to relax in my warm cozy bed and read a book.  I am just not in the mood to scrapbook tonight!  Bummer!

Goodnight!  Tomorrow will be a better day!


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