Sunday, January 15, 2012

Life is Good Today...

We had a pretty good weekend around here.  I got to do some scrapbooking, I finished the book I was reading, went shopping and got to sleep in.  It doesn't get much better than that!  I really needed a weekend like that.  Thanks Hope and Joe for helping it happen!

I haven't taken pictures of all the cards I made this weekend, but will share them soon.

Here is the last layout that will be included in a kit available at The Scrappy Gourmet (soon)!

Most of the product on this layout is from  Pink Paislee.  The chipboard letters were left as is (they are from the Mistables line) and I wanted them to just pop off the page.

I ended up using a letter "P" for the "d" in today, but if you purchase the kit you will have enough upper case "D"'s to use it if you want.  I had a different title planned for one of the other pages and had inked the letters, but just couldn't make it work like I wanted to (so I changed it).  Now I have inked letters that might work on a different page some day.  :)

My title came from the Zac Brown Band song by the same name.  The pictures pretty much depicted the chorus of the song (with my own G rated version).  :)

That was such an awesome day and I know with true winter weather expected in my neck of the woods I am going to be wishing I was there this week! 

Well, not much else, so will catch you later this week!


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