Saturday, September 17, 2011

Three Amigos!

Friday nights tend to be the night that my sister and I get together and have dinner.  Typically, Joe works late and she is usually too tired to cook so we end up calling each other to find out where we want to meet for dinner with the kids.  Well, last night was no different.  We had mexican food and then went to Nobbies to look at Halloween costume ideas.

Well, we ended up buying costumes for all the kids (before they were picked over).  They all got what they wanted.  Hope is going to be Smurfette, Ally is going to be a witch and Annie is going to be a Pirate.  They are all going to look awesome!

I didn't get any pictures of them in their costumes, but we did have a lot of fun looking around at the other halloween props.

I like BIG butts.... and I cannot lie....

Ok, we thought these were HILARIOUS!!!!!  They are actually pillows on one side and a BUTT on the other.  We tried to get all three girls to hold them up, but failed!  :)  They were too embarrassed.

And here are the original three amigos!  They were hilarious trying on these sombreros!  Hope was jumping around like a maniac, so I am surprised that I have a photo where she is not blurry!  :) Ole!

I am so glad that I have one sister that lives close enough to do spontaneous things like this.  I love it when we all get together and do fun things together.  I guess I am getting sentimental and need a weekend with my sisters.  If you are reading this SISTERS, let's plan a weekend to get together soon.  I miss you guys! 

Ok, in the spirit of Halloween, I do have a few Halloween cards that I made a while back and haven't shared yet!  These were all using scraps from my most recent Halloween page layouts and Halloween 2009 mini album (published in Create-Mini Albums) that was recently published by Scrapbook Trends.  Check it out!

This card the sentiment is actually on the inside of the card.  This image is the front...

...and this is the inside of the card.

Hope you are having a great weekend.  I am heading to work soon, and hope to do some scrapbooking later!  Keep your fingers crossed that it happens!  Have a good one!


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