Thursday, September 29, 2016

Throw back Thursday

Growing up, my Grandma and Grandpa Palmer had bobble head dogs in the back window of their car. When they died, one of the things all of us cousins wanted to make sure someone got was those dogs.  LOL!  I think my cousin Kim has them.  Oh the memories...

So I couldn't help but snap a photo of this car while driving around town one day.  I think only one of them is a bobble head, but it still made me smile and think of Grandma and Grandpa.  :)

And while shopping at the Mall of America, we got to sample a few brandies.  This one needed to come home with me.  So for now (until it cooler) it is staying sealed, but once it starts getting cold I am sure I will be taking a nip or two to warm me up.

The reason this is in my TBT post is because the brandy also reminded me of my Grandpa Palmer.  He used to keep a bottle of blackberry brandy in the basement.  Just another connection with the past and every time I take a sip I will be thinking of him.  :)

And did anyone else have these cups growing up?  Saw these beauties at a vintage show recently.  $23...Really?

While we are throwing back the memories, here are (definitely) some of the last updates from the end of summer for Hope.

Our neighbor Peggy arranged for Hope (and her friend Anna) to come down to Hope's favorite local radio station...Star 102.5... and meet Kurt and Colleen (Big Ken was on vacation).

They got shirts and got to ask them all kinds of questions.

And my friend Kristi and her dog Gemma came to visit this summer too.  Hope thought it would be fun to dress Gemma in her pajamas.  LOL!  I don't think Gemma was impressed.

And, a new outfit would not be complete without pretty pink nail polish.  I just about died when Hope brought her out of her room with all four paws painted.  Oh my...and somehow managed not to get polish on the floor.  Whew!

And with this post...I think I am finally caught back up.  I hope to not get so far behind for a while, but we all know LIFE happens.

And before I start making Christmas cards for this year...I should probably keep sharing some I made last here you go!

Until next time!


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