Friday, September 23, 2016


When your child moves on to a new chapter in life, you never know how things are going to go.  Hope was nervous to go to Middle School, but was also excited.  She had the typical worries...What if I can't get my locker open?  What if I get lost moving to my next class?

Of course both of these things happened, but she worked through them and SURVIVED!  :)

And wouldn't you know it...she ended up with a top locker (considering she is vertically challenged). LOL!  This was open house night before school started, so she could practice opening her locker.  She got it on the first try and then the two other times it didn't work.  With a LOT of practice, she finally has it down.

This was the first day of school

This year she rides the bus with other Middle and High School kids.  When I was the only mom at the bus stop that morning, she leaned over to me and said " have to GO!" through her gritted teeth.  So I got the first day of school/bus picture as it pulled up.  

Middle School has been going GREAT!  She has been enjoying her independence by using the library to get her homework done.  We haven't had a fight about homework since the first day of school.

She is enjoying the ala carte options at lunch and breakfast too...on some days TOO MUCH!  Joe put $50 in her lunch account before school started and after 6 days she had gone through almost all of it.   She was eating breakfast at home and at school...along with multiple snacks, dessert and fancy drinks! It was time to set up the limits on her account!  

Tonight is she stayed after school for the school events with her friends.

Joe took them to the game, but they didn't stay too long.  They left just before half time.  They wanted to come home and watch movies.  

Since we are talking a few school layouts I completed recently...

...and just some random cards.

Since I am doing some catching up on here...hopefully, I will have another post soon!  That is my goal for this weekend!


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