Tuesday, September 27, 2016

State Fair Memories

Well, I didn't quite get this post in before the last day of Summer, but never the less...

Hope and I (and Hope's friend Caitlyn) went to the State Fair one day and did all kinds of fun stuff!  We had the fun pass from Hy-Vee, so we had a lot of free ride tickets to do things we don't normally spend money to do.

The kids went on a camel ride...I gave my ticket to a co-worker that we happen to run into that morning.  Glad it could be put to good use.

Hope wanted to jump again this year.  This has become a Fair favorite for her.

Hope doing flips...

Both girls jumping...

And of course the petting zoo was nearby too...

Hope loves her animals.  This guy (or gal) was nice enough to enjoy a hug from her.  LOL!

A few more rides...

...face painting and Henna tattoos (another first after she saw it on the State Fair show the night before).

And my favorite (& first, but not last for me) grape stomping!  It was awesome, but next time I actually want to stomp.  :)

We were on a team with a foreign exchange student that had just days before arrived in Iowa and was given several assignments to check out at the Fair.  I think, if I remember right, she was from Kyrgyzstan (or something like that).  She was really nice.  I hope she enjoys her stay in Iowa.

Of course a trip to the Fair wouldn't be complete without going down the BIG SLIDE!!!!

So, I think that wraps up Most of this summer's adventures and memories.

As usual, here are a few layouts and cards to share...capturing previous memories!  Enjoy!

And a tip on the background paper I used for the above layout.  I really wanted to use the bright pink because it matched the pattern papers, but I had already cut out a chunk from the 12x12 paper.  So I designed a layout that would use paper to cover that area and you would never know it (unless I am sharing it as a tip with you).  ;)

I hope it is about time for Brad Paisley to tour close to me again.  I just love his music.  My sister Dawn and I went to this concert together in Cedar Rapids.  Had a blast (even though I was on my diet and couldn't drink any beer).  LOL!

I love this picture below, so I had to create a special layout for it.

 Keeping it short tonight.  Have a good one!


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