Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

Ok, I am not a super fan of any particular football team, but I enjoy going to games.  At the last minute Joe was able to get 4 tickets to the Vikings Pre-Season opener.

It was their first game in the new stadium.   It was pretty cool!

When we found out we had an extra ticket I knew just who to friend Kristi, since she is a Vikings fan!!!

She even found a fellow "super" fan...LOL!

We went up a day early so we could get some shopping in too.  I finally got to shop at IKEA!!!  

I picked up this little gem for my scrapbook room, but honestly could have bought a LOT more stuff! 

Luckily, Kristi and I are planning a return trip in November to do some Christmas shopping.

Hope also enjoyed her first trip to the Mall of America.  We bought tickets so she could ride a few rides and then we did some shopping.

And speaking of firsts...I did my first shot of tequila!  I know, right?  I am sure most of you are thinking, sure your first shot EVER or just for the day?  LOL!  Ever!  

It was a great weekend and a great (early) birthday celebration for Kristi!

So in honor of her birthday (Sept. 20th), here are some cards...



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