Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First Job Application

I am so proud of Hope!  Tonight she applied for her first "job".  She is interested in being on the Creative Production Crew next school year and she had to apply for the position she was interested in.  The first week of March she will have to interview for the position.  They have given them the questions they will be asked, so we will need to practice so she has an idea of what she will want to say.  We have also talked about trying our best, but not to get down if she doesn't get the spot that she is hoping for.  We will see how that goes.  Wish her/me luck through this journey.

Tonight was also observation night at dance.  Hope has improved since the last time I was in the studio to tape her dances.  There is still a lot of work to do there too, but hopefully we will get there.

Hope has also shown a recent interest in playing chess.  So Joe stopped and bought a real chess/checkers board so they wouldn't have to play on the iPad anymore.

So while she was waiting for us to finish eating supper she set up the board AND started naming all her players random names.  It was cracking me up.

This morning she took a few selfies with Taylor too that I found on my phone tonight.  LOL!

Too cute!

Well now onto the diet update.  I FINALLY hit the half way mark by losing 15 pounds.  I don't know if I have it in me to make it to 30.  We will see how far I make it, but I can definitely tell you I am tired of being on this diet.  UGH!

I am ready to add fruit, but for the bad things I am craving I still would LOVE to have a bowl of popcorn and a chocolate donut!  I can't even believe that wine is not at the top of my list, but I wouldn't turn down a glass if someone had one poured for me right now.  :)  I will have to settle for watching last night's episode of The Bachelor.

Well, here are a few more layouts I have created lately.  All of these layouts were from pictures from several years ago, but really wanted to get scrapbooked.  Enjoy!

Each year I put together a double page layout with the highlights from the school year, instead of making a layout of each event.  So I know I will have an album ready to go when she graduates (if I can keep up with the scrapbooking).  LOL!

Here is the journaling from the layout above...

Keep praying for me...to stay strong with my diet and keep a good attitude...to be the best parent I can be...and be the best wife I can be.  

Until next time!


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