Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Paper Hearts

This year for Valentine's Day I decided to do something different.  I got the idea from a promotional video I saw for this book, which is called Paper Hearts by Courtney Walsh.  I haven't read the book yet, but it is on my wish list when I get the chance.  I have read her Sweethaven series and really liked it.

Anyway, I decided to make paper hearts for both Joe and Hope and hide them in places they would find throughout the day.  Joe found his first one in the dog food.  I had to giggle when I heard him get the box out to feed Taylor (as I was laying in bed) and knew he would find it.  :)

Hope found one of hers in the freezer, since I knew eventually she would get in there to get some sherbet.

Although I have a difficult time getting her to brush her hair some days, this was an easy one to find out in the open.

I think they both thought it was fun, so maybe I will do it again next year.

On Sunday, Hope found her Halloween costume from her first Halloween.  She was a lion.  It was the perfect size for Taylor, so of course Hope had to dress her up.  Sometimes I can't believe how tolerant that dog is.  LOL!

Well, I am late for my first ever chess lesson with Hope.  So I better get going.

Here are a few recent layouts I have created...

Obviously, some of the photos are from several years ago, but I am finally caught up on layouts through the end of 2012.  

Everyone have a great night.



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