Saturday, February 14, 2015


I am late in sharing this, but better late than never.

This is my project that appeared in the LAST issue of Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Magazine.  I am sad that it is no longer publishing.  Thanks for all the great inspiration!

They didn't show the back of the card...

I had more cards that were going to be in future issues that were sent back to me.

This was to be in the March Issue.

This was going to be in the May issue...

I had previously shared one card from my December published projects.  Here is what the page looked like.  I wasn't allowed to share more than one project per issue, but since it is not longer publishing I felt I could share it with you now.

Here are the cards up close...

So if you made it through all the pictures, here is a recent funny from Hope.  She was telling me about gymnastics and the girls were talking about bad words.  Hope proudly exclaimed she knows them all because her mommy uses them.  OY...parent of the year award there.  Luckily, when I use them I always tell her those are mommy/daddy words and not for kids.  So she tells me that she can't wait until she is an adult to use bad words, but that she is NOT going to have kids because it it TOO much work.  However, after she graduates college she is planning on moving back in with Joe and me.  I was cracking up most of the time while she is jabbering on and on about all of this. 

Maybe my resolution for the year should have been not to use so many bad words.  Really I rarely use them except when I am really MAD (&/or on a diet).  LOL!

Since we are talking about LOVE, here is a recent layout I created in honor of my niece Abbey's wedding, which was last May.

I bought this line of papers before the wedding knowing I wanted to use it for her wedding pictures.

I tucked the journaling on the tag behind the dance floor picture.  If you haven't done the alligator at a wedding recently, you really should!  It is fun, but the older we all get, the harder it is getting.  LOL!

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day.  I will be back to share what I had up my sleeve for my loves in my life.  Speaking of loves, here is a layout all about the smaller one.  :)

Here is another one...

Joe and you so much!


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