Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Beautiful Weather!

Oh I am so loving the weather this week.  We have been walking at work and Hope and I went for a walk down the trail tonight after school tool.  She was on her bike and just before we were going to turn around the pedal fell off.  I wasn't able to get it back on so she walked it to a neighbor's house along the trail and stayed and had a play date and I had Joe pick her and the bike up on his way home from work.  Taylor and I made our way back home and had supper ready by the time everyone made it back home.

It was a little wet and muddy in places along the trail, but it was great being out in the weather.  AND we even saw a robin, so it is officially spring.   Right?

So Hope had her interview for the videographer position for next school year.  She is supposed to find out if she got it or not tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed.

One of the videos she showed as a sample was of her friends performing at Funday Sunday last weekend.  She was in the first two songs and then the last song she recorded for her sample.

The girls were rocking it out to Taylor Swift!

Hard to believe we have had this furry cutie for almost a year now.  After our walk tonight, she needs a bath and a good trim.  Next week on Spring Break she gets her turn at the beauty shop.

Last week one of my best friends got back from vacation.  She went to Costa Rica and celebrated her birthday.  So I gave her a gift when she got back.

So to celebrate her birthday and just being happy about the weather, here are some cards to share!

Shared this one because my mom and sister Dawn and I went to a retirement party for our dentist.  He had been (almost) the only dentist I have ever been too.  I had my last appointment with him just a few weeks ago and got teary as I walked out.  

Well, I hope I have good news to share with you tomorrow.  Have a good night!


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