Monday, February 2, 2015

Going out with my BOOTS on!

This past weekend was a boots kind of weekend...

Friday my sister Dawn and I made a road trip to see Brad Paisley in concert.

The Swon Brothers opened up the show.  I knew they were on the show The Voice, but I didn't watch that season.  They were great!

Parmalee was the next act and was equally great!

So it seemed like it was a LONG great waiting for Brad to come on stage, then all of a sudden the band and The Swon Brothers, Parmalee and BRAD PAISLEY came out on stage while the lights were on and started singing.  It was not a flashy grand entrance, but it was really COOL!

Then the lights went out and the cowboy boots were dancing!  Yeehaw!

During a song, he started out playing one guitar, then stopped, signed it and handed it to this little kid.  As Brad continued to sing, the parents put the kid on the stage and Brad let him hang out there with him while he jammed on the guitar!

He kept grabbing people's phones and taking selfies and video while he was singing, etc.  

He walked to the back of the arena, which was right in front of our seats and played a few songs too.

This was the last song of his first set.  Great concert Brad!

Then on Saturday night I had tickets to see Kinky Boots.

The show was great!

While I was at the show, this happened...

On the way home from the show I got stuck trying to drive up a hill.  So I sat there for a bit and some teenagers came along and offered to tow me up the hill.  They were driving up and down the hill pulling several others up the hill as well!  There are good kids out there!  Thanks random kids for helping me out.  I will be paying it forward in some way.

Since we were snowed in, we didn't do anything for the super bowl.  Joe and I started a diet and I was craving all kinds of good stuff.  I just had to lock myself at home and try not to eat anything I wasn't supposed to.  I hope that I hit a magic number tomorrow of 10 lbs. total lost (in 3 weeks).

In other news...I became a great-aunt for the THIRD time.  Welcome to the family Nolan Tanner Sandy!  I can't wait to meet you!

Well, I have more to share, but it will wait until next time...


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