Monday, February 16, 2015

Donut Distractions

Well, the diet continues.  I weigh in again tomorrow, so think big loss this week.  I need the boost to keep going to get to my goal.  This weekend was tough and I knew today was going to be tougher.  It was a co-workers birthday and when I arrived there was a large box of donuts on his desk.  I LOVE donuts.  I somehow managed to not even take a tiny nibble, but it is getting harder and harder.  Why does there have to be so many birthdays in February.  LOL!

Just watching last night's Bachelor, who is from Iowa.  And he took his date to a Friday night football game.  Of course they share the home town band playing and LOVED it that some of the band members were also wearing football jerseys.  Cracked me up and reminded me of Russell.  The one time I took Joe to a football game he thought it was hilarious that the football players also played in the band.  LOL!  That is small town Iowa for you.

Not much else going on, so will just share some cards.

Well, until next time...


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