Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Are you watching as the results come in?  Yep, me too.  So thought I would take a short break and make a post on the blog.

Not much else going on, and I am too tired to get too windy even if there was.  :)  So I will just share some crafty stuff.  :)

Hope has been a pistol lately, so these layouts share some of those memories.

I love how this title turned out.  The letters were circle chipboard.  The S and T had already been used, so I cut out the negative space.  For the Sassy part of the title, the gems were originally clear.  I used a copic marker and colored each gem before adding it to the layout.  I also added a few more gems to add the long curl on the y.

This is a layout I did a while ago.  Hope and Joe love to play Wii together and when they got the 3-D glasses they were pretty excited!!!

Alright, have a good night!  Don't stay up too late waiting to see who wins.


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