Tuesday, November 13, 2012

40 and Fabulous!!!

Today begins the year (next 12 months) as the year of 40!!!  My classmates from high school will be turning 40 and the first one turned 40 today!

Happy Birthday to my close friend Dana!!!!!

Here is a picture of her from Kindergarten.  I am pretty sure we first met in Kindergarten, but maybe earlier.  We went through school K-12 all in the same school together.  Yep, that is the small town life. 

And here she is now...beautiful!

So, since I didn't get around to mailing a card to get to her in time for her birthday, here is one on here for her.  Hehehe!

Dana, I hope you had a great birthday today and I think you had fun this weekend celebrating!  Wish I could have been there.

On to other business..

Hope had her school conferences last night, and she is doing really good in school since we got her meds better regulated during school hours (not having much luck at home, but will take what we can get).  She had some great stories she wrote, which was inspired by one of their reading books in class.

I love what she wrote.  So proud of her.

Well, that is it for tonight!

Ironically, I think I am next in line to turn 40, so until February...


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