Saturday, July 28, 2012

Game on for Jesus!

This week was Vacation Bible School (VBS) at our church.  Over three sessions, they had over 5,500 kids attend.  How crazy is that?!!!!!!!  I am pretty sure they come up with their own theme, write their own songs (using music we already know) that fit the theme and go all out when giving the message each day.  This year it was Game On with Jesus, with a theme like Mario Brothers/Mario Cart video game, except they were "Moses Cart".  :)

Joe volunteered to run audio and a camera for both the morning and evening sessions this week while he was on vacation.  I think he had as much fun as Hope.  I was off yesterday and got the chance to go hang out at the church and take pictures.

After their last day of song time, the dancers up front thanked Joe for his help doing the audio work and this was Hope's reaction to hearing her daddy's name...

They also had art time, where they made a suitcase so you could take God's love with you where ever you go!

Then it was outside to play for a little bit and snack time.  They even had inflatables to play on.  Fun!  Definitely not anything like the small town VBS program I grew up with!  :)

Then all the kids ranging from age 3 up to Grade 6 gathered back in the worship center to close out the week of VBS.

Look at all that excitement in those faces.  It was an awesome feeling just to be there to experience it.

And how about the energy of all the volunteers in the production of the message.  Amazing!!!  Thank you for the amazing work you do during the two weeks of VBS.

At the end Hope gave Paster Mike a high five on our way out.

Now onto other funny stuff...

She wanted to use her new drink thermos for her school lunch bag and I hadn't gotten around to washing it.  So she decided to wash it herself and all the other dishes in the sink.  Awesome right?  Anyway, in the middle of cleaning out the sink (aka just messing around in the sink with the water) she declared she wanted to be a maid and dishwasher when she grew up.  This coming from the sloppiest kid I know.  Yeah, that "fun" aspect of washing dishes will fade soon enough, but I am more than willing to allow her to be my maid and dishwasher as long as I can get her to do it.  :)

Here she is chilling out on the deck enjoying her drink from her "clean" thermos.

This weekend we are busy dog sitting.  Our first visitor arrived yesterday.  Regis Philbin, yep, that is actually his last name.  Pretty funny huh!  Our dog Reilly is on the left and Regis is on the right.  We took them both for a walk last night.

We have two more dogs coming today, another sister's dogs.  Pictures to follow.  We want to try and get all of them together for a picture.  :)  That might be a funny blog on its own.

Well, since I have been busy getting some scrapbooking done I will share some more cards, using the left overs from the Echo Park paper kit from my last post.

The first card was the most simple of all.  I love looking at pattern paper and how I can cut it to be it's own self made card.  This was entirely how the pattern paper was printed.  The only added thing was the heart sticker using foam tape to give it some dimension.

This is the front of the card...Enjoy...

This is the inside of the card shown above...

And will end today with a birthday card.

Speaking of birthday's, I have a big one coming up in February and I declared I wanted to go somewhere "warm" aka beach.  We have it narrowed down to Cabo or somewhere near Cancun.  If anyone has any suggestions on where to stay or things to do at either location I would love to hear your input.  Just leave me a comment.  Thanks!

Well, after that marathon picture post I am off to enjoy the rest of my day.  Laters!


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