Monday, May 14, 2012

You are cordially invited... Hope's "kid" wedding on the last day of school.  Oh boy!  So it all begins...

Apparently her previous husband to be broke up with her, so now her boyfriend is Dillon.  She had told me a few days ago that Dillon was now in love with her.  And today she came home and announced her and her fiancé were going to get married.  Her exact words.  I didn't even know she knew what the word fiancé meant.  :)  She also said he would marry her no matter what!  And he got in trouble today for kissing her.  Yikes!

So she said they have it all planned out to get married on the playground on the last day of school.

I just had to laugh because it brought back a LOT of wedding memories of when I was a kid.  There was an old tree stump in the middle of the playground at school and it was kind of hollowed out and had a step on one side of it.  So it was perfect for someone to stand on/behind like a minister and conduct a wedding.  There were a lot of pretend weddings throughout my elementary years.  Such fun memories.  :)  I wish I had a picture of that old stump.

A picture of Hope will have to do...

After the discussion above, I decided now might be a good time to get out the flower girl dress I wore at my sister Debbie's wedding.  I was just going into Kindergarten when I wore it.  It was almost identical to my sisters wedding gown with a small train and everything.  I LOVED this dress.  So we snapped a few pictures of Hope in the backyard tonight.  The little bride to be (SOMEDAY) but not anytime too soon!  It is always fun to pretend.

Well, since my mom hasn't received her Mother's Day card, I will wait to share it here.  I will in a few days after I have the chance to give it to her.  I have a few other cards on their way in the mail too.  Sadly, I make lots of cards, but am not very good about getting them in the mail.  :)

So I will share a baby project with you that I gave to a friend just last week.  I bought a cute little dress that was inside the gift bag.  The large Melissa Francis silk flower on the bag is actually a hair clip.  I hot glued it to a hair clip and then clipped it to the bag as a decoration that could be removed and worn.  When the flower is removed I placed a button and ribbon underneath so the bag can be used again and not look like it is missing something.  :)

Here is the card I made that went with the gift.

I love the Papertrey Ink die I used to make this card.  So cute and they go together so quickly.

I also made a few other version of this same card...

Alright, that is it for tonight!

Going to the chapel and she's gonna get married!  In about 20 years (maybe)!  :)


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