Saturday, May 5, 2012

I survived the Garage Sale!

I hardly ever hold garage sales, but this year during the neighborhood sales I decided to put some stuff together.  I wasn't sure how well I would do since I only opened up after I got home from work on Thursday and Friday and only in the morning today.  Well, I did way better than I expected so I am calling it a success.  :)

I sold a LOT of scrapbooking items.  A lot of "kits" with misc. products and papers that all go together in ziploc bags.  Pretty much four ladies bought everything in large lots.  They couldn't believe how cheap I was selling everything, but I had no clue if it would even sell.  I just told them I was glad it was all going to a good home and to someone that would use them and appreciate them.  I even had one lady give me her phone number so I could call her when I had more stuff to sell.  Alright!

Later this afternoon Hope wanted her hair put into braids.  It actually turned out pretty good considering it was me doing her hair!  :)  Then she wanted to put on a fun dress, so I talked her into taking some pictures.  I already have several paper lines I might use to scrapbook these photos.  Of course, I don't own any of them yet.

Then she talked us into going to El Rodeo.  It is one of her favorite restaurants because she loves the cheese dip.  YUM!

So when we got home she wanted to take more photos while blowing bubbles.  I got some great expressions and now I really can't wait to scrapbook these photos.

Today is my great-nephew's first birthday!  Happy Birthday Kenton (aka Pedro-since he was born on Cinco de Mayo).  :)

So in honor of his birthday, I will share a birthday card with you tonight!  The black plastic piece is something I saved from the packaging of a doll Hope received from at Christmas time.  I thought it looked interesting and I would find a cool use for it someday.  So I decided to thread ribbon through it and use it on a card.

Hope you had a great Cinco de Mayo and if you are reading this tonight, go check out the SUPER moon.  It is pretty bright out there.


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