Monday, May 21, 2012

Do wishes come true????

I had a very busy weekend.

I got to go to a scrapbooking retreat at my church on Friday and Saturday.  Then Hope stayed at my sister's overnight so Joe and I could go to a company retirement party.  We met them at church and Hope had a VERY important question...she wanted to know if we could go to the mall after church and buy these awesome shoes.  They were silver and sparkly with a bow and had heels!  I told her we would see, and she even offered to use her own money.

I had too many late nights in a row, so when we got home from church I skipped lunch and went straight to bed for a LONG nap.  Hope must have had a long afternoon and night with the twins because she even laid down for a nap too.  That NEVER happens unless she is sick or REALLY tired.

So after we both woke up, she started crying and it was because she didn't get to go buy the shoes and what if someone else got the shoes before she hoo hoo, sob sob sob!

I looked up the mall hours and looked up the shoes on-line to see what they looked like.  They were very cute and I had another item I needed to take back to the mall, so off we went.  We got the awesome shoes, a new bathing suit and cover up and on our way to the car we dropped a few coins into the wishing fountain.  On the way to the car I asked her if she made a good wish and she replied that she just asked for a wish not anything specific, but if she thought getting a unicorn would be a pretty good wish to have granted.  I just had to giggle.  I asked her where we would keep it and she said in the back yard, like that is where everyone would logically keep a unicorn.  :)

Next we headed to the grocery store.  Of course she had to wear the shoes right away.  :)

They are a bit big for her but she can grow into them and the strap helps them stay on for now until she does.  She is oh so "ooh-la-la".

She had to wear them to dance tonight too, since they happen to be the only shoes she could find to put on (except for the perfectly good pair that were sitting right next to them).  :)

This is her ballet costume for her recital coming up in a few weeks, and oh look, there are the shoes again!  I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of these shoes in the future.  :)

Hope lost another tooth (it had been almost the entire school year since she had lost a tooth) on Friday at school.  It happened in the morning and I was coming to the classroom for Spanish class observation time in the afternoon.  She was so excited for me to get there and show me her new smile.

About a week ago she came home and wanted to go get some clay at the craft store.  Well, we didn't have time to do that, so I encouraged her to get her play dough out and create something with it and it would dry up hard like clay.  So she went to work on some fairy furniture.  She created a bed with pillow (the white piece), lamp and chair for the tooth fairy to use when she visited us next.  The funny party about her losing a tooth that day is that i had no clue she even had a tooth loose enough to come out.  Once she gets it just a little wiggly she works it til she has it out.  Silly kid.  Anyway, so when I got home from scrapbooking late on Friday night, the tooth fairy had already been there.  And she must have really enjoyed her fairy furniture because she left fairy dust all over.  ;)

We found this in the back yard tonight after watering the flowers.  We think Joe created it.  :)

Well, if you stuck it out this long now I finally have the Mother's Day card I gave to my mom to share with you.  I finally got it to her this week.  Better late than never, right?

My mom likes to sew and quilt, so when I saw this pattern on the MME papers, I knew it was perfect to cut out and use a a card.  With just a quick sentiment stamped on the front, two pearls and tied a ribbon in a knot and added it a wooden spool button and it was done.  I think I also cut out a small banner and placed it over some text that didn't really go with Mother's Day.  It all blended quite nicely and no messy glitter because it was already on the paper.  Love that!

Well, I am off to finish up a few cards from the weekend.  I will share all of that in due time.  Later!


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