Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bits of Hope...

Last night while watching the American Idol finale...when Neil Diamond came out and started singing Hope said..."Wow, he's old!"  Joe and I cracked up and said we thought he looked pretty good for his age.  I guess the older you get the better everyone looks as they get older.  :)

We had a little neighborhood girl drama this afternoon, but hopefully they will all make up and play together this weekend.  I just seems to be when one girl comes into the mix her and Hope just seem to disagree.  I wish I could say it is like when Hope and her cousin Annie "fight" and then 10 minutes later act like nothing happened.  Oh well, they will all get through it, but could be a long summer since Hope will be in the school program and the rest of the girls are home playing together all summer.  So when she gets home they will probably have been playing together all day. Maybe one or two of them will want to do something different.  Keep your fingers crossed.  :)  Girl not ready for this!

Hope came home this week and wanted to buy some songs on iTunes.  After a few days she finally earned the songs...Firework by Katie Perry and Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.  Cracked me up that these are her new favorite songs.  I guess we have moved on from YMCA.  :)

Hope's art area is ALWAYS messy (I think she gets that from me) so last night I bribed her...I told her I got the new purse die cut and if she would clean up her table she could use it to make some little purses for her friends.  Within 20 minutes the table was clean.  Now keep in mind, she probably has no idea where to find anything if she wanted to, but it is off the table.

So I showed her how to put the first one together and off she went.

Here are two of the purses she  put together and she was going to give one to each of the neighbor girls with some sweet treats in them.  I think she is going to make some for her teachers before school is out too.  She loves making crafts like this, so I knew this would be a fun project for her to make.

I don't know if you can read this or not, but this was on my local scrapbook store's blog.  I thought it was pretty funny and had to share.

And now some random are two more cards I made using the MME kraft 6x6 paper pad.

The first one is actually a birthday card, with the sentiment inside.

This one could be used for graduation, etc.

Well, that is it for tonight.  We have one more week of school and then I have a second grader!  Oh my!


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