Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sick day!

We have been passing a cold around the office and I guess it was finally my turn.

It actually hit me on Saturday morning, but it got me down today.  I got up this morning and felt terrible, but Joe and Hope were going to be home all day, so I figured it wouldn't do me much good to be home anyway.

Well I made it to 10:30 at work and left for the day.  I came home and crawled into bed and slept for several hours.  I got up and just sat outside on a lounge chair reading while Hope played in a small pool in the backyard.

And she even convinced Reilly he needed a bath.  The things that dog does for her.  He was probably hot, so maybe it felt good to get in the pool with her.  :)

Anyway, keeping it short tonight.

Here is another baby card I made for one of the gals at work.

I will share the baby girl gift albums in the next few days when I get the chance and am feeling better.



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