Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reilly Speaks

Hope was FULL of it today.  Lot's to share!

She threw a fit this morning and didn't want to put on her swimsuit for pool day at summer program.  And she didn't want to take one with her, because it was cold last week.  Mind you, today, it was the PERFECT day to go to the pool.  Too bad for Hope, because she had to go to the pool in her clothes and sit there and watch everyone else swim.  That was a tough lesson to learn.  We will see how next Tuesday goes.  :)

Then this morning, Joe got a call from the head teacher and Hope had punched a boy in her class.  Good grief!  Yesterday, she got in trouble for pushing a boy and had to write a note to us letting us know what happened.

Well, at least today ended with a funny story.  :)

We just had a quick meal tonight, so she got ABC's & 123's with meatballs.  While she was eating, she suddenly got up and got a new spoon.  I asked her why.  She smiled and said, well, I gave Reilly a taste of a "C" to see if it would go to his brain and make him talk.  Ok, for those of you that don't know, Reilly is our dog.  She got the idea from the show Martha Speaks.  The show is about a dog that can talk because when she ate a bowl of alphabet soup it went to her brain and then she could talk.  So we spent the evening encouraging Reilly to make a "C" sound.  She said, maybe I should have given him a "D" for dog.  :)  Love it!

Alright, here is another Halloween card.

The date was actually left over wall rub on.  I put it on a transparency and put it on my card.  To cover up the transparency line, I added a line of glitter glue.  It also added a nice detail.

Have a good night!


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