Saturday, March 8, 2014

Those Pretty Eyes

Hope and I had a (scary to me) conversation on the way to church tonight.  Joe was already at church since he was running a camera, so it was just me and Hope.  Anyway...she started telling me about her (boy)friend Aiden and how she looks at him with her "pretty eyes" (which is basically batting her eyelashes) and showing her big bright blue eyes to get his attention.  So we had to have a conversation about how her eyes were VERY POWERFUL weapons and they should only be used on boys like (you know) Daddy.  :)  It has been a while since she claimed to have a boyfriend, so I guess she was just taking her time picking out the right one at her new school.  LOL!

And moving on...

We are less than one week away from getting our puppy.  Here is the pictures we took when we went to visit a few weeks ago.  We are in LOVE with this puppy!  Hope is convinced it is going to sleep in her room.  We will see...

Here is her litter mates.  Is that not the cutest pile of puppies you have EVER seen?  Oh, I would have brought more than one home if I could have talked Joe into it.  :) 

This is Taylor's picture from their website.  Taylor is the name the breeder gave her, but Hope likes the name and wants to keep it, so Taylor it is.  We might give her a middle name too.  :)

And on to some funny stuff (as Hope is an expert at providing)...

We went shopping at Target the other day (can't remember the real thing we went to get, but...) we ended up buying Hope some new clothes.  She is really turning into a fashionista, with ATTITUDE!!!  She had at least 10 dresses picked out to try on and I made her narrow it down to for Easter, one for fun and one for Abbey's wedding.  It was a difficult process, but she is hoping to grab a few more the next time we are in Target.  So, note to self, don't take her to Target any time soon if I don't want to break the bank on her wardrobe!  LOL!

Anyway, we absolutely HAD to get more bras!  I guess they make a GREAT place to carry the remote!  LOL!!!!!!!  I know some day she will kill me for posting these pictures, but for now...I feel it is my job as a parent.  Hehehehehe!

I am celebrating one week of Diet Coke freedom!  I gave it up for Lent and actually started a few days early.  It is going WAY better than it did last time.  I have been drinking a lot of green tea and like it a lot, so that is my go to drink now in the morning.  Yeah me!

Well, I am off to enjoy the silence!  My sister Dawn and Grandma Deloris said YES to an impromptu sleepover so YIPEEEEEEEEE!  On the way home I got a bottle of wine (oh who am I kidding I bought two, just in case).  LOL!

Here are a few cards about celebrating!  Enjoy!

I wasn't sure what to do with this brad with the number 30 on it.  So I decided it could make a great embellishment for a birthday card.

These next two cards are from some older Pink Paislee papers, but I love all the colors in them and didn't want any of the papers to go to waste.

Ok, these cards were from some paper that has been in my stash for a REALLY long time, but still made great cards.  Another great and easy addition to cards is using glitter paper to die cut shapes.  So much easier than using real glitter.  I am all about easy when it comes to making cards.

Hope you have a great weekend!  


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